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Anastasia Forever!

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Guest Post from Joy Preble
Deleted Scene!
Deleted Scene From Dreaming Anastasia
I am so excited to be a part of the exclusive ANASTASIA FOREVER BLOG TOUR!  Only a lucky few have the chance to debut this trailer, and I’m beyond thrilled to see where Anne’s dreams lead her in the third and final installment of the DREAMING ANASTASIA Series.  Will she unlock the secrets of the past before they destroy her future?

Here’s the scoop on the DREAMING ANASTASIA Series!

There is so much to love about this series as Joy brilliantly blends Russian history, romance, magic and mythology into an enticing adventure.

In DREAMING ANASTASIA, Anne Michaelson begins to have unusual dreams and discovers that she is the only one who can save the daughter of the last tsar of Russia, Anastasia Romanov.  Believed to be dead by the world, Anastasia has been kept captive all these years by the Russian witch Baba Yaga, and only Ethan, a handsome and mysterious 18-year-old, can help Anne free Anastasia.  

Anne once again leaves behind her ordinary life in HAUNTED to join forces with the mysterious and gorgeous Ethan as the journey with the Romanov continues.  This time she is haunted by classic figures from Russian mythology, a rusalka, , a Russian folklore mermaid with a malevolent streak –  and a particular interest in Anne,  who tells her that Anastasia is still alive.  As she and Ethan team up, Anne’s search for the rusalka’s identity reveals deep and startling secrets - including the true source of Anne’s powers.
-Now in ANASTASIA FOREVER, having survived Baba Yaga and the Rusalka, Anne finds herself bound by the witch to undertake a journey into past, present, and future that will determine her destiny - and that of everyone she loves.
-Catch a preview of the danger, romance, and magic await Anne in this exciting glimpse ahead of ANASTASIA FOREVER by taking a look at a special sneak peak with the first three chapters here! Also check out the amazing trailer here!
-ANASTASIA FOREVER comes out this August, be sure to look out for all things Anastasia at Joy’s website


Dreaming Anastasia: "A Novel of LoveMagicand the Power of Dreams." I love real world mysteries, and although the question of Anastasia's fate was recently answered, as soon as I saw the title of this book I HAD to read it. This book is kind of hard to describe; it's a romantic, twisted, magical, fairytale...thingy. It's about a girl, Anne, who finds out that she has magic powers. She and Ethan (a young looking, old guy) have to save Anastasia from the witch Baba Yaga. Joy Preble (the author) did an amazing job bringing the mystery of Anastasia to life in a way no one (not even Disney) has done before. I will admit that I didn't read some of the things that Anastasia "wrote" because I'm not great with cursive but after a few google searches and help from my mom, (who eventually made me "re-learn" cursive) I read most of it. The book has lovable characters, an exciting plot, and enough twists to make you unable to put it down.

Haunted: Very rarely will the sequel be better than the first book, but in this case it definitely is. I couldn't put it down!  This book takes place a little after the ending of the first book. I can't really explain what the plot was about without giving things away that occurred in the first book, but I thinkCynthia Leithich Smith (NY Times best selling author) pretty much summed it up as "Spooky Sassy, Sinister, and Sexy!" Although at parts it was a bit far fetched (even for a fantasy,) I really enjoyed the romantic twists that occurred throughout the story. Speaking of romantic twists, I will  say that this book was a little more adult then I usually read so I wouldn't read this book if you are in any grade under 9th grade. I really enjoyed the books and I do plan on reading the third book.
Check out her website here in the link above

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