This is my blog about the different types of books I read, mainly mystery, myths, and magic, and what I thought of them. I hope you like them, too.

Friday, August 26, 2011

The Mediator series

Hi everyone! In 7th grade my friend recommended a series to me called The Mediator. This is a hard series to review. I did enjoy the story, but the sixth book had some serious holes in the plot. The author, Meg Cabot, used the phrase "I mean" (for example "I enjoyed them, the cookies, I mean") way too much. The Mediator series is about a girl who is able to see ghosts and has to help them move on to the next life. I loved the story in itself, but the way it was written was not very good. Although I read this in 7th grade there were a few "adult" parts that even I skipped over. Nothing actually happened  except "passionate" kissing but things were mentioned in detail. Although this only happened a few times per book, I wouldn't recommend this to anyone younger to seventh grade (depending on the person). So, although, this wasn't my favorite series, it was worth the read.  

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Rick Riordan

Hi everyone! Today I'm going to review 2 series, both by my favorite author Rick Riordan. The first series is my favorite series ever, PERCY JACKSON AND THE OLYMPIANS [Percy jackson Oficial website  (I think)]! When I read these books in fifth grade, I loved the books so much I never stopped reading until I finished! The story brings to life Greek mythology but in modern time! Every word will leave you on the edge of your seat! Every character has a unique personality that you really get to know through the series. The best part is that every book is better than the last! The books are written from the point of view of Percy, and I loved this because everything is described as if a teenage boy was telling it. I loved the Percy Jackson and the Olympian series, and when Rick Riordan came out with a spin-off series called Heroes of Olympus (Heroes of Olympus website) I was ecstatic! In this series it is from the point of view of three new characters! Although they still have the old characters as well, I enjoyed these characters just as much. In this series Jason wakes up on a bus with Piper, and Leo but he has no memory. Although Piper and Leo think they've been friends with him all year, they soon learn that they don't really know who he is. I loved the book and I am counting down the days for the second book to come out on 10/4.  Both of these series are intermediate school level reading but I also know a lot of adults who really enjoyed these series! I absolutely love Percy Jackson and I am Rick Riordan's #1 fan!!!!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

The View From the Cherry Tree.

There is nothing more annoying then reading a mystery book, and solving the mystery in the first few chapters! Well, not in Willow Davis Roberts' book called THE VIEW FROM THE CHERRY TREE. This book was one of the only school required readings that I actually enjoyed! Even my class enjoyed it! In this book you will think you have this murder mystery solved but then you find another clue that points you in the other direction. This would be a great book for a 10-12 year old. This book is innocent enough to be school appropriate, but had enough action for it to be interesting to every kid in the class! The book is about a boy (Rob) who witnesses a murder everyone thinks is an accident. As he tries to discover who the murderer is, he realizes the murderer's next victim might be him! This book is funny, clever, and you'll be at the edge of your seat every second! 

Thursday, August 18, 2011

The 39 clues

 Hi people! About a year ago I started reading a series called THE 39 CLUES! I loved the series as soon as I started it. These books are a continuous mystery. It also allows you to continue the mystery after each book with the cards that come with it, or you could go online at I liked this book because it's a perfect combination of mystery, adventure, and history! In each book they travel to a different place in hunt for 39 clues, a family secret that has been lost for centuries, while being chased by their competitive relatives. Unlike most series, each book is written by a different author (with the exception of a few) which was an easy way to try out new authors. The first 10 books are about Amy and Dan searching for the clues, but recently book 11 came out and is about another family wanting the clues! Although the 11th book was slow in the beginning, I am really looking forward to the 12th book coming out on 8/30/11! This series is a great story, but were an easy read for me. My guess is that these books would be best for 3rd-6th graders.  So they might be an easy read but I think they can be good for all ages.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

In the beginning...

This is the first post of my new blog!  I hope you guys like it.  In this blog, I'll be reviewing books that I've read and sharing my love of reading.  My all-time favorite series is the Percy Jackson series and I cannot wait until the next book of the Heroes of Olympus series comes out on October 4th!  Don't forget that the next in the 39 Clues series comes out on August 30th.  Keep reading...