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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Iron Man 3:So Much More

After constant pestering, planning, and anxiously waiting I had the absolute pleasure of seeing Iron Man 3 today in theaters. On my constant badgering  me and my friends arrived exactly an hour early, were first in line, and got the absolute best seats. I have so many thoughts on this movie and yet so few words to express the brilliance of yet another fantastic Marvel production. Being the sociopathic fan girl that i am, I had seen all the clips, all the spoiler, and have all the details on the production, and yet nothing could have prepared me for the events that conspired on the screen. Brilliant. While I must admit I personally can't say it beat Avengers as far as my enjoyment during the film... the plot, screen play, and overall foundation of the film beats out any other movie...ever.

In Avengers Captain America poses a  question, which of course is met  by a sassy counter by none other than Tony Stark. We may not have realized this at the time, but it was so much more than that.

"Big man in a suit of armor. take that away,what are you?"
When you sit down to think about it, he has a point. What is he? Is he a man? A machine? A party-loving-playboy-with some fancy shades? Is he an inventor, a hero, or perhaps a business man? This question that we all laughed off, is brought into new light with the Iron Man film. Over the course of the movie we venture to find out what he really is, when he takes off the suit, and perhaps also what happens underneath the suit. During the movie Tony has to not only face his 'demons' such as the Mandarin, but also he struggles with the internal conflict of PTSD. In the end, the answer to the question becomes clear. The movie itself has some incredible acting including a young boy who (almost) stole the show. We see Tony's more sensitive side when he takes on a young companion who provides a bit more help than expected. I think Marvel did an...scarily brilliant job of creating a villain  realistic to our modern day society in more ways than we can imagine. It begs the question of where is the line we draw in our advancement to technology, and is there a point where we go to far. The script was insanely good...with comic relief to keep the movie light, plot twists galore, and  small references throughout the movie to give it that extra little touch. The acting of course only furthers my belief that RDJ is in fact Tony Stark and  the realistically of all the characters kept me constantly having to remind myself that is a just a movie. Like I said before the plot was amazing. Tying up the movies in a neat little, heart crushing, bow. I can not wait for more.
I would like to spend a little time explaining some things though. Yes yes yes I know you all want to know why is it Christmas. Well RDJ hurt his ankle in a stunt accident so the movie had to be delayed, so ya it was a bit abstract but not exactly planned.

(This next part in parenthesis is a spoiler so skip down if you don't want to see this. Okay so Me and  my friends were wondering if the arch reactor could have been removed than why didn't he when he was dying in the second movie? Well what I concluded was that he saw it as apart of him. If  it was failing, he was failing, and he couldn't just get rid of it. Which only furthers the plot's amazingness) Spoilers concluded.

This movie will keep you at the edge of your seat, with a tear down your cheek, a smile on your face, and absolute concern in your eyes. With so much to say, and so few words to say it, I can only hope to sum it up by leaving you with this. Marvel, does it right. I thoroughly enjoy having my heart torn peaces, my thoughts left in wonder, and my mind blown. So I repeat...Marvel. does. it. right.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

I have so much to review and no time so here are some gorgeous pictures to keep you all occupied


Benson Hedges

the Gambler

all pictures stolen form websites given and all quotes stolen from varios songs by the super ;alksjdf;lksfd band called FUN! [songs under links]
self captioned :-)

Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year

Hey guys. First off High School is a lot of work so I wont be able to post a lot but I'll try. So 2013 is coming very fast and I just wanted to take this time to say Happy New Year. I'm looking forward to it I hope you guys are. Have a great year.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Horrid Henry and the Monster movie

Hi guys! Okay so this post was meant to go out on Halloween but since I'm a Jersey girl my power was knocked out by sandy. So I wanted to talk about this great kids book called Horrid Henry and the Monster Movie by Francesca Simon. So Horrid Henry is this awesome little kid who is always getting into trouble. In this particular story Henry has been waiting forever to see a new horror movie called "The Vampire Zombie Werewolf". So he goes over to his friends to watch it and realizes it isn't scary at all because it's more like a gushy romance movie. Then him and his brother Perfect Peter try to make a better monster movie than Moody Margret and Sour Susan. Each chapter is a new story which is great because it makes it easier for little kids (i.e my little brother) to listen to. Okay so this book is great for a lot of reasons. One thing would be that it's made for younger children yet was able to keep my attention while I read it to SuperPig (my little brother who by the way chose this nickname). Also I loved how the horrible scary movie turned out to be something like twilight (and just in case you twihards are wondering yes I will be seeing the movie next week and I will review it.) All the characters in the book are very likable and clever, and relate-able, especially to little boys. The book is at a third grade reading level but you can read it to any age and have them still enjoy it. Alright that's all for now I definitely recommend getting this book especially if you know any little trouble makers like Henry!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

IRON MAN 3 FIRST TRAILER RELEASED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay so you guys know about my love for Percy Jackson. But what you don't know it that I have an equal obsession with THE AVENGERS particularly IRON MAN (A.K.A Robert Downy Jr.!!!!) So the other day the trailer for iron man 3 came out, and words can not describe my excitement.

Monday, October 1, 2012

MARK OF ATHENA TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!(Neuro Drinks+Asher Monroe)

Hey Peeps! lotsssssssssss to talk about but I have a bio test tomorrow so posting will have to wait! But i just HAD to take a second to inform you all that MARK OF ATHENA comes out tomorrow!!!!!!!!!! I am posting today because I will be too busy reading to post tomorrow :-) 
Did anyone else watch the amazing season premier of Once Upon a Time??? It was AMAZING! Until my next post check out the guy called Asher Monroe. I love his music but a lot of people don't notice him. He obviously sold his sole to Neuro Drinks because they are all over his music videos. Honestly I think it's creepy that these drinks control your emotions so I'm definitely not trying it but if you have ever had one; Do they work????? Post in the comments section :-)
Lol sorry it's not a video....
Here With You :-)
Asher Monroe

Link Above

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Secret Letters

I have returned! Okay so I know I promised to review my school required reading but I decided to do one big post on them! So as soon as I finish the last one I'll review them. Now about a month ago I picked up the  book called Secret Letters by Leah Scheier. Now when i saw this in the store I read the word Sherlock Holmes, and immediately had to get it! When I brought it home and read the inside cover I was pretty disappointed to see Sherlock Holmes isn't in the story. But I'll get to that in a second. The book is about Dora, who goes to London with her cousin to find help for the great Sherlock Holmes. When she arrives in London and learns that Sherlock Holmes is dead she seeks the help of Peter Cartright. Dora somehow mixes herself into another case Peter is working on and ends up going under cover to try and find the Lady Rose, who has gone missing. Okay so I'm going to start off by talking about the cover. The Back of the book has a small summery of the book which says "And the reason that I had been waiting years to meet [Sherlock Holmes]? Well, that was the greatest secret of all." When I read that I was immediately sold on the book. The problem is that she tells you the "greatest secret of all" on the inside cover when she says "Dora dreams of escaping her aristocratic life to solve  mysteries alongside Sherlock Holmes, who just might be her biological Father." Now that she has told us the "Greatest secret of all" she kinda killed all the suspense in the book. That beside I really did enjoy this book! The book had incredible characters and a plot unlike any book I have ever read! The book could get a little dark but Scheier wrote it in a way that didn't make you walk away feeling depressed. My one complaint is that she kinda did the unthinkable, she killed Sherlock Holmes! It's just something you don't do. But she sorta kinda makes up for it when by continuing his legacy through Dora. So anyway I DEFINITELY recommend it! Although the book it's self wasn't very suspenseful or shocking the ending left me gaping at the page! If there isn't a sequel I'm going to die! So read it and tell me what you think in the comments or tell me how you feel about the untimely end to Sherlock Holmes!