This is my blog about the different types of books I read, mainly mystery, myths, and magic, and what I thought of them. I hope you like them, too.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Pages,Gadgets, and Comments

HI!! Whats up everyone? I just wanted to let everyone know that I added some "gadgets" to my blog!
-First thing is I will have a monthly poll at the very bottom of my blog.
-Second I made a page called MY BOOK LIST which is where I will post books I am, or are planing on reading. This page is located to the right Under "PAGES" (shocker) 

Also I just wanted to say that if you read any books you think are good, tell me  in a comment on anyone of my posts and I will read it and review it. :)

Friday, October 28, 2011


On my way to the Halloween dance and the reason I'm telling you this is because I'm dressed as Minerva (roman  version of Athena) and my friend is dressed as Athena. Halloween ROCKS!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Tell-Tale Heart

Today I'm reviewing something a little different then I do most of the time. First, I did not read this story on my own, because we read it in class. Second, it is a short story; but not just any short story, this story was written by none other then the "Father of horror stories" himself Edgar Allan Poe. Normally I do not enjoy horror stories but The Tell-Tale Heart is the exception. Now although this story gave me chills...for the entire day, it was an interestingly thrilling story. Even though I wouldn't say that this was a happy story, it was oddly intriguing and has a curious way of  implying the theme of guilt. I also watched this video which was creepy and twisted but did give a good picture for the story. I also began to read another one of his writings called The Black Cat and found it interesting that he specifically discussed the same detail that the main character in each story was "Not insane." The characters in his stories are interesting, but the most interesting character would be himself. He had a tragic life which might have inspired his twisted stories. Although he had drinking/drug problems, the most interesting part of this twisted geniuses story is the mysterious visitor with a silver tipped cane he gets once a year to his grave. For "rapping" it all up it was a story that I surprisingly enjoyed but I would not suggest anyone under 8th grade to read this story (or watch the video above) because this story follows his famous 3 themes of (as said) "untimely death, insanity, and horrific gore."
For now...there's "nothing more." Please Comment!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Son Of Neptune

Hello all Demons, demigods, and mortals! I recently read, my new favorite book in the whole world,The Son of Neptune! Now I thought nothing could beat The Lightning Thief, but I was extremely happy to realize I was wrong. This book left me at the edge of my seat with every thrilling word! Rick Riordan made the sequel of The Heroes of Olympus series more amazing than any of his other stories. While a few of his other books ended up being a tiny bit predictable, this one tied in things from the second book of the first series (Percy Jackson and The Olympians) that I, at least, forgot had been left un-answered. Practically half of my school has read, or is going to read this book. Never before I have I seen so many middle school kids spend lunch discussing Roman vs Greek gods! With an extraordinary plot and an ending that left me saying "OH MY GODS!" I  fell in love with this modern day myth and was unable to put it down. I would defiantly recommend this to any child, adult, or god!

Thanks for reading! Please comment and tell me how you liked the book! : )