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Saturday, June 2, 2012

The Invention of Hugo Cabret (book)

George Melies
Hi everyone! Today I'll be talking about another book that I read for class. We read  The Invention of Hugo Cabret  (by Brian Selznick) for the Enrichment Challenge Program while we were studying silent films (yes the same class where I had to describe the horror movie). It was INCREDIBLE! First of all the characters were lovable and some were even based off of real people!One character was even George Melies! Now since most of you probably are thinking "Who is that?!" I'll tell you! George Melies is one of the original directors of some of the very first movies! Some of his movies even inspires some works created today! For example pay close attention to the background of this Katy Perry set and you'll notice it is modeled after one of his movies called "A Trip to the Moon". Back to the story, Hugo works to re-build an automaton using the detailed pictures made by his father who died in a fire while working on the automaton. An orphan living in secret tunnels at a train station working to recreate the automaton and hopefully find a secret message sent to him by his father, Hugo looses his note book to a man who runs a toy booth. Will Hugo ever get his book back to unlock the secret of the automaton, and what is the secret behind the toy makers magic tricks? All this and more can be discovered in The Invention of Hugo Cabret. I truly enjoyed this book and although it may be scary looking with 500 somthin pages, the majority of this novel is PICTURES! I havn't seen the entire movie but when I do you can expect a review!

If you were to make an automaton, what would it do?
Post answer in comments!!

George Melies

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