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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Incoming books!!

INCOMING!!! 2 new books are coming out next week so I thought I'd remind you guys. First, The Fire, the 3rd book of the Witch & Wizard series (by James Patterson) is coming out Monday 12/5. I CAN NOT WAIT!!! I don't know about you guys but thinking back to the first 2 books I think The Fire is an appropriated name.  The other book that is coming out is the 2nd book to the 2nd series of The 39 Clues series, Cahills vs Vespers. The King's Ransom (the 2nd book) by Jude Watson will come out Tuesday 11/6. I will be at Barns and Nobel as soon as school ends. : ) You can DEFIANTLY expect reviews from these books in the next few weeks!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Breaking Dawn

WOW! That pretty much somes up this movie! I thought the movie was incredible and WAY better than I thought it was going to be. Like I said in my last post about this movie, I didn't read the book but from what I heard from the people who did read it was that is was pretty accurate. Although I will say that I think they turned an incredible love story into something a kind of gruesome. This movie changed A LOT of people's minds about what team there on. Although Team Jacob is still the most popular, a lot of people have transferred to TEAM SETH!  I can't wait to see the next one which, by the way, will not be rated R. I don't know this for an absolute fact but honestly it wouldn't make sense because most of the viewers are under 18. Plus, the second part of the book is less gory than the first. The release date for PART 2  will be 11/16/12, which is an entire year later, but I guess people can only have so much twilight in one year.

When I went to go see Breaking Dawn I saw SEVERAL posters for The Hunger Games movie coming out on 3/23/12. From what I've heard the movie is going to be amazing because the author is going to be co-directing the movie! I honestly can NOT wait to see it and have already marked my calender. I'm interested to how they are going to portray District 12 and The Capitol.
What do you think the movie will be like?
I will post all of the links to the trailers and more information on my new page "Movies"

Friday, November 25, 2011

Dreaming Anastasia

Dreaming Anastasia: "A Novel of Love, Magic, and the Power of Dreams." I love real world mysteries, and although the question of Anastasia's fate was recently answered, as soon as I saw the title of this book I HAD to read it. This book is kind of hard to describe; it's a romantic, twisted, magical, fairytale...thingy. It's about a girl, Anne, who finds out that she has magic powers. She and Ethan (a young looking, old guy) have to save Anastasia from the witch Baba Yaga. Joy Preble (the author) did an amazing job bringing the mystery of Anastasia to life in a way no one (not even Disney) has done before. I will admit that I didn't read some of the things that Anastasia "wrote" because I'm not great with cursive but after a few google searches and help from my mom, (who eventually made me "re-learn" cursive) I read most of it. The book has lovable characters, an exciting plot, and enough twists to make you unable to put it down.

Haunted: Very rarely will the sequel be better than the first book, but in this case it definitely is. I couldn't put it down!  This book takes place a little after the ending of the first book. I can't really explain what the plot was about without giving things away that occurred in the first book, but I think Cynthia Leithich Smith (NY Times best selling author) pretty much summed it up as "Spooky Sassy, Sinister, and Sexy!" Although at parts it was a bit far fetched (even for a fantasy,) I really enjoyed the romantic twists that occurred throughout the story. Speaking of romantic twists, I will  say that this book was a little more adult then I usually read so I wouldn't read this book if you are in any grade under 9th grade. I really enjoyed the books and I do plan on reading the third book. The problem is I think there is going to be a third book but I can't find anything about it, like the title, or the release date. If anyone knows anything about the third book then post it in the comments.
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Monday, November 21, 2011

Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Hunger Games

After two days of nearly non-stop reading, I have finished The Hunger Games. Now, I want to start off saying that this is one of the BEST BOOKS EVER WRITTEN. This being said, it was not the easiest read in my opinion. The book had all the aspects of an amazing book; I laughed, I cried. But honestly it wasn't my type of book. It had a great meaning but it was a little darker than the books I prefer to read. I'm obviously going to keep reading because once you start The Hunger Games you can't stop. This incredible story was written by Suzanne Collins, and will be in theaters March 23, 2012. While this isn't my favorite book, I'm the only one in America! I haven't seen so much hype about a book since Harry Potter. I suggest no one under middle school read this book, because at parts it could be gory. There are three books in the incredible trilogy The Hunger Games, Catching Fire, and Mockingjay. The first book is about Katnis, a girl who gets selected to compete in the Hunger Games. Talk about fight to the finish, the only way to leave the game is to be the last one still alive. I know this sounds a little cruel, I definitely recommend it and "May the odds ever be in you favor!"
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Her is the extended trailer for the movie

Friday, November 11, 2011


As you all know, I am PERCY JACKSONS # 1 fan! Being this, I do my best to keep up with whats going on with the movies. I am (sort of) happy to announce that the Second movie, The Sea of Monsters has a release date! I was disappointed with the first movie because they got some things (like the plot) wrong.  I'm sure though, that the second movie will be more accurate, because the more movies they make the less they can stray away from some of the details (like Thalia's tree) that end up as big parts in the plot later in the series. From what google says, they have been holding auditions for Rachel Elizabet Dare, which leads me to believe they will not stop at the second movie. So far that's all I know, but I will keep updating.
Here is the link for the RELEASE DATE.
Comment on what you thought of the first movie! :)

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Which and Wizard

I was looking through my pasts posts and realized that I haven't reviewed one of my favorite series! All of you are aware that the title of my blog is Mystery, Myths, & Magic. The Witch & Wizard series is the reason why I have the "Magic" in the title. I read this book and 6th grade when I saw a commercial for it, and being an 11-year-old girl I thought any book that had a commercial of its own must be a REALLY good book. Luckily I was right! This incredible story by James Patterson has what I thought was the best theme ever:  that adults can be wrong. When I learned more about themes in school, I looked back and realized that this might not be the exact detail that the author meant for the theme. Although this book was a little more dark then most of the stories I read, I loved the plot! In this story Whit and Wisty (brother and sister) are thrown in jail for being a Witch and a Wizard (this is just a guess but I think that is how he got the title). Now, I will say that it isn't about them rotting in prison the entire time, but it was interesting even when they were because...well you will have to read the book to find out. I read this book in 6th grade but I wouldn't suggest anyone lower then 5th grade to read this book. I LOVED the story line of this because you could see it was based onWorld War II. Now, I don't mean that it takes place in the 1940's, or the Nazis or Hitler were in it, but the characters resembled it. For example THE ONE (the guy in charge of the new order) is like Hitler, and THE NEW ORDER is like the Nazis.

James Patterson is an amazing author, but after I finished the first book I had to wait a year to read the next book, witch (bad pun sorry) drove me insane because, I think we can all agree, James Patterson is the king of cliff hangers. The second book, The Gift, was just as amazing the first, if not better. It had even more twists that left me staring at the page in an enjoyable disbelief. I spent hours in my room reading the book because I just couldn't put it down! After finishing The Gift I was once again annoyed with James Patterson, because the ending was both an enormous cliff hanger, and an even bigger twist. The Next book is called The Fire, and it comes out 12/5/11. 
Here is the trailers for the books (and THE GIFT's preview said something about a movie)
Witch &Wizard
The Gift
The books a lot better than the trailers
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Friday, November 4, 2011

Mystery,Myths, and Movies!

I'm sorry to say that tonight, I betrayed all nerd kind. I went to see "The Three Musketeers"  movie and sadly, no, I have not read the book. In my defence me and my friends only went to see LOGAN LERMAM (the actor who played PERCY JACKSON). Now, I don't usually review movies but this time I will make the exception. Looking at one of the first advertisements for it, I thought it looked stupid, purely because The Three Musketeers, weren't in it! But, the movie was full action,adventure,romance, and of course LOGAN LERMAN!!(and other actors like Orlando Bloom but I didn't really notice them) I suggest not seeing it in 3D. That's what I saw it in, and honestly I would have preferred the 2D because it made it VERY obvious that it was a green screen and not the top of a real building. This movie had me so far off the edge of my seat that I was standing and I am counting down the days until the sequel! (if there is one)

Since we are talking about movies, I should make another confession. I have not read the TWILIGHT SAGA, but I am absolutely OBSESSED (not as much as Percy Jackson of course) with the movies!! I , like 99% of the teenage girls around the country, am counting dawn the days to PART ONE of BREAKING DAWN!!!!!!!! I'm team Edward, of course, and to all those on the team with me, YOU ROCK!! But for those of you who are not, I can understand why, I mean it is TAYLOR LAUTNER.

So please post in the comments section  what you thought of the books/movies, or what team you're on.