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Monday, October 1, 2012

MARK OF ATHENA TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!(Neuro Drinks+Asher Monroe)

Hey Peeps! lotsssssssssss to talk about but I have a bio test tomorrow so posting will have to wait! But i just HAD to take a second to inform you all that MARK OF ATHENA comes out tomorrow!!!!!!!!!! I am posting today because I will be too busy reading to post tomorrow :-) 
Did anyone else watch the amazing season premier of Once Upon a Time??? It was AMAZING! Until my next post check out the guy called Asher Monroe. I love his music but a lot of people don't notice him. He obviously sold his sole to Neuro Drinks because they are all over his music videos. Honestly I think it's creepy that these drinks control your emotions so I'm definitely not trying it but if you have ever had one; Do they work????? Post in the comments section :-)
Lol sorry it's not a video....
Here With You :-)
Asher Monroe

Link Above

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