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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Horrid Henry and the Monster movie

Hi guys! Okay so this post was meant to go out on Halloween but since I'm a Jersey girl my power was knocked out by sandy. So I wanted to talk about this great kids book called Horrid Henry and the Monster Movie by Francesca Simon. So Horrid Henry is this awesome little kid who is always getting into trouble. In this particular story Henry has been waiting forever to see a new horror movie called "The Vampire Zombie Werewolf". So he goes over to his friends to watch it and realizes it isn't scary at all because it's more like a gushy romance movie. Then him and his brother Perfect Peter try to make a better monster movie than Moody Margret and Sour Susan. Each chapter is a new story which is great because it makes it easier for little kids (i.e my little brother) to listen to. Okay so this book is great for a lot of reasons. One thing would be that it's made for younger children yet was able to keep my attention while I read it to SuperPig (my little brother who by the way chose this nickname). Also I loved how the horrible scary movie turned out to be something like twilight (and just in case you twihards are wondering yes I will be seeing the movie next week and I will review it.) All the characters in the book are very likable and clever, and relate-able, especially to little boys. The book is at a third grade reading level but you can read it to any age and have them still enjoy it. Alright that's all for now I definitely recommend getting this book especially if you know any little trouble makers like Henry!

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  1. Great blog post. I will let others know about this cute book series! Thanks for reviewing more than just teen books. Everything looks great on your blog...Mom